WordCamp LAX Photos

Thank you everyone for coming out to WordCamp LAX. Media Temple hired a Sam Graham Photography for the After Party, and Adam Silver from Silver Lining Photography took a lot of awesome photos of the attendees throughout Friday’s thank you dinner through Sunday at Cross Campus. Also, Raquel Landefeld took some awesome photos of the Thank You Dinner and WordCamp Saturday. You may see all of the pictures by browsing the Photos page.

Below are some selected shots from all three photographers:

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2 Responses to WordCamp LAX Photos

  1. Psst… Adam here… just wanted to give the basics of photo usage on the above images. i.e. “The Fine Print”

    USE THEM. Click and Drag off onto your desktop. Share! Just give me photo credit like this Photo by: Adam Silver| Silver Lining Photography.

    That’s it! Oh, If you need professional prints, let me know.

    Have a great weekend!

    Silver Lining Photography

  2. Jen Miller says:

    Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing them. 🙂