Cross Campus is Los Angeles’ largest and most dynamic coworking space.

It’s a work spa designed to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads achieve peak productivity and meaningful collaboration.


We’ve designed our facility to inspire and empower. You’ll feel it in our:

    • Lofty 10,000 square-foot interior
    • Enterprise-class connectivity
    • Living room-comfortable furniture
    • Well-stocked bar
    • And a social club vibe unique in Silicon Beach


Growing a business is hard. That’s why we provide our members with:

    • Office hours with serial entrepreneurs, experts & investors
    • Highly personalized introductions to mentors, advisors and fellow members
    • Backstage access at our best-in-class educational and networking events
    • Members-only classes, seminars and workshops
    • Private social networking groups
    • Special deals with corporate partners that will save you thousands of dollars


Come for the space and the resources. Stay for the creative collisions between members. You’ll find:

    • Gender and age diversity atypical of most coworking spaces
    • Solo freelancers & creative professionals
    • Early-stage entrepreneurs
    • Serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits
    • VC-funded startup teams
    • Fortune 500 employees who don’t dig cubicles
    • Deposed dictators of several up-and-coming democracies*

*Not true, strictly speaking


We Believe Productivity Wins

You need a coworking space purpose-built to unleash hour after hour of kick-ass productivity. That starts with comfy couches, desks and chairs. But it also requires some stuff that’s hard to build, and even harder to find—if you’re not at Cross Campus. To wit:

    • Sound-insulated walls
    • Enterprise-class Wi-Fi mesh network for 500+ connections
    • 100mb fiber connectivity
    • Lots of ideation surfaces, lots of power outlets
    • Ample private meeting rooms
    • Awesome staff & operating systems to keep stuff humming
We Believe in our Members

Your success is our success—so we’re constantly thinking about ways to help you:

    • We pimp our space out for member launch parties, workshops and other brand-building events.
    • We cater twice-monthly free lunches to let members chillax together
    • We refer business opportunities & gigs to fellow members
    • We share member accomplishments in blogs and social media
We Believe in Breathtaking Design

Beautiful ideas originate in beautiful settings. If a creative space isn’t both comfortable and inspiring, why spend your time there? If it is, and there are opportunities to socialize and learn, why leave?

We are a campus—not just a building. A work spa, if you will.

We Believe in the Experience

We live in the age of the experience. Whether it’s a product, service, app or a coworking space, the user experience has to be stellar—or it’s doomed.

So no matter how you engage with us—as a member, a visitor, or an event attendee—we want your experience to be stop-and-take-notice memorable. That’s why we:

    • Constantly iterate via member feedback
    • Continuously upgrade our custom-built systems
    • Relentlessly produce high-production value events
We Believe in Creative Collisions

Creativity is a kinetic phenomenon. It’s about action and forward motion. Building great companies and sparking innovation is really hard. It takes nothing less than a diverse, non-like-minded group of people operating in an inspiring environment. Collaboration doesn’t just happen. It needs to be catalyzed—through a mix of well-thought-out events, structured & repeated interactions, and intelligent social analysis.