Sponsor Spotlight: VeloMedia

“You come up with the blueprint, we build your digital story.”

VeloMediaLogo-black A community is only as good as what its members put back into it. I say this a lot because I mean it. VeloMedia is a company with a number of disciplines they excel at with talent across the globe. Yep. Community is a big deal to VeloMedia and to the people that run it. They don’t just talk about community, they’re active participants in the community.

VeloMedia covers a wide range of expertise and works with Enterprise-level organizations to deliver robust solutions that solve a variety of problems. They cover anything from web development, unit testing, production management, project planning and a heck of a lot more. They’re like that over achieving kid that good grades in school with the parent that has the “my kid made the honor roll” bumper sticker on their car. Yeah. They’re kinda like that. =)

We’re so stoked to have VeloMedia on board as a sponsor for this year’s WordCamp in Los Angeles.

A big thanks to the team at VeloMedia for all you do in the WordPress community.

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