We Done Sold the Place Out!

Well, gee whiz… We sold through our tickets for the event! Apparently WordPress is popular. Who knew?

That said, we know that happens and sometimes people just can’t make the event, which is unfortunate. If that sounds like you then take a moment and see how you can help out your fellow WordPressers in the community. There’s still folks that want to attend, but didn’t get around to getting their tickets.

So if you are not able to attend, consider helping out your fellow would-be-Campers by letting someone go in your place. Let folks know on Facebook or Twitter and use the #wclax hashtag. You’ll be helping someone out big time! =)

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Sponsor Spotlight: FooPlugins

Our entire team are 100% committed to high quality, standards compliant code and above average user support.

FooBot-YouTube-800-624x714 FooPlugins. They kinda stormed into the WordPress Community the same way the a majestic Liger comes into the world: With a mighty roar. In the case of FooPlugins, they launched back in April, at WordCamp Miami.

It was a perfect storm of goodness, you see. The community embraced Foo right away. And why not? The folks behind the company are stand up people and one of them is even speaking at our event! This is no surprise though. They understand the importance of community and also how demanding such a community can be. They provide top notch support, give back to the community (I mean, they are sponsor WCLAX after all) and are awesome to deal with.

Please join me in welcoming FooPlugins as a sponsor for this year’s WordCamp Los Angeles! We appreciate all the support you provide the community and love the heck out of your guys’ products. Heck yes!!

Without generous community-minded companies like FooPlugins, events like these wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks so much! You guys rock the casbah!

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InMotion Hosting

With over 280 FREE applications available in just one click – we make it easier than ever to get your business live on the web.

imh_vector_logo Okay. Look. Maybe, the jam for you is managed WordPress hosting. But, you know what, it’s not right for everyone. Maybe you don’t need all that management. But if you did, InMotion Hosting can help. InMotion hosting is among the web’s premier hosting providers.

Their servers are made from Unicorn Meat and Rainbows (that’s not actually true, but their server’s are known to have the following: XEON PROCESSORS. 8MB CPU CACHE. 1333MHZ FRONT SIDE BUS. CPANEL. ALL DELL SERVERS. 99.9% UPTIME. SSH ACCESS. ROOT ACCESS. BGP4 SMART ROUTING. DIRECT DATA-PEERING CONNECTIONS… I mean, that’s pretty good, right?).

What I like about InMotion hosting is that they have a complete service portfolio. That is, they have managed hosting solutions for sites of all sizes if you just want to throw a site up and go. Conversely, they also have plans that are not managed and provide full control to the experienced power uses, which is great for large sites, or sites with strict SLAs and requirements. InMotion Hosting really is a one stop shop that provides a quality service to their clients.

We are so honored to have InMotion Hosting as a sponsor this year. You guys are phenomenal and you are pillars within the WordPress community. Thank you so much! Be sure to check out InMotion hosting today!

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Sponsor Spotlight: CodyL

Non Robotic. Human driven. We are your partner to build a compelling first impression and a sustaining experience that helps to create a legacy. WordPress and UX development specific to you and your goals. Find out how we can help!

codyl-logo Is CodyL run by elves who are magical, or is it run by a fella named Cody who, himself, is magical? If you guessed the latter give yourself a pat on the tush! If you guessed the former, well, you can leave now. Go on, I’ll wait!

We are excited and honored to have the folks from CodyL onboard as sponsors for WordCamp Los Angeles, this year. The people behind CodyL are Cody and Raquel Landefeld. They run a shop that does quality work. Don’t believe me, yet? Check out their work. They don’t just build sites; they build experiences that work the way a customer would expect them to. It seems simple, but a lot of developers (including this one) get it wrong so often. CodyL does it right.

Not only do they produce beautiful work, but they’re stalwart contributors to the WordPress community. They attend and speak at a number of events throughout the year and are always giving back in some way or other. It’s the kind of awesome that you wish you could put in a bottle and take with you.

Please join us in welcoming and thanking the good folks at CodyL for sponsoring this year’s LA WordCamp! You all are cool as all heck!

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Sticker Sheets have arrived!

W00t! Check out these amazing sticker sheets printed up for us by our sponsor, Sticker Giant!


These are going to make my Mac Book look extra classy! Thanks to Greg Douglas for these gorgeous designs. One of these stickers features our tshirt design too, hint, hint.

P.S. Less than three weeks to WordCamp LAX!

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Sponsor Spotlight: Zeek Interactive

“We function as change agents; strategists, advisors; analysts; sounding boards for CEOs and other senior executives in mid-size organizations.”

zeek-logoWe’re proud to announce Zeek Interactive as a sponsor for this year’s WordCamp LA. Zeek is a shop that specializes in delivering unique and highly specialized mobile experiences and dynamic web development solutions, with an emphasis on high traffic/volume sites.

Impressive, right? Right!

However, what some of you may not know is that Zeek Interactive is one of the major hubs in the So Cal WordPress community. Did you know that? From their offices in Huntington Beach, they run the OCWP Meetup group which has two meetings per month: A developer meetup and a general user meetup. I’ve long credited the folks who run Zeek with my wanting to get more involved in the community. They give of themselves and share what they know, they mentor and offer insight to countless people within the local community and they give back in other ways too, such as sponsoring events, hosting events and more. They’re top people who run an excellent company. Don’t tell them I said that. That’s just between you, me and the fence post, okay?

Welcome us in welcoming Zeek Interactive as a sponsor for WordCamp LA! W00t! You guys rock!

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Sponsor Spotlight: Chris Lema

My passion is the development of products that delight people. It’s really that simple. And since I’ve been doing product development for over 18 years, I’ve made most of the mistakes I now try to help others avoid.

chrislema-name-logoSo. This guy. THIS GUY! You know who he is. I know who he is. He’s a person that people talk about when he’s not in the room; people talk about him in different States; heck, people blame him for all kinds of things that probably aren’t his fault, but his name lends itself to hashtags easily. You see, this guy is pretty cool. This guy blogs daily at some place somewhere on the internet. But you knew that already. Didn’t you? Don’t lie!! This guy helps high achievers excel even more…. But that’s not all.

You see, this fella is special. The WordPress community would be an emptier place without him. His drive and his passion have created conversations we’re still talking about. He’s a tireless jetsetter who seemingly gives and gives and gives until he can’t give anymore… But then he does. But even then, when you think he’s done giving, he’s not. HE’S NOT DONE DONE unless he says it…

He doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks it, too. He inspires, mentors, teaches and that’s just to those who aren’t his immediate family. There’s soo many good things to say about a man who is a true pillar of the community and someone who I have great respect for, as do many of us.

We are honored to have this guy as a Keynote speaker and also as a sponsor for this year’s WordCamp. If he’s helped you at some point, walk up to that guy and say “thanks.”

Thank so much… guy! =)

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Sponsor Spotlight: LearnDash

“With a click of a button you can create and sell courses, set-up quizzes, automatically award certificates, and download user reports.”

LearnDash-Official-Logo1 Those of you who know me know that the past year has seen me work with schools so much that I’ve bled from my face. Crazy. But you know what stopped the bleeding? LearnDash. Not even kidding. Yes, I actually use LearnDash with a number of sites already. We’ve deployed a site using their LMS system to create internal learning courses for University employees (HIPAA, Sexual Harassment Training and other courses). Just using LearnDash has already saved many tens of thousands of dollars for the school. How, you ask? Have you ever heard of BlackBoard? It’s an evil, evil draconian platform used to administer courses and could be considered a vampire considering how much money it sucks out of a school’s budget. Ain’t no school got time for that!

LearnDash is a great tool and is, what I feel, one of the hidden gems of WordPress. Definitely check it out. The guy behind the platform, Justin Ferriman is also a top guy, too.

We are proud and so very fortunate to have LearnDash as a sponsor this year, for WordCamp Los Angeles. Please join us in welcoming LearnDash to the party!

Thank you!

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Sponsor Spotlight: VeloMedia

“You come up with the blueprint, we build your digital story.”

VeloMediaLogo-black A community is only as good as what its members put back into it. I say this a lot because I mean it. VeloMedia is a company with a number of disciplines they excel at with talent across the globe. Yep. Community is a big deal to VeloMedia and to the people that run it. They don’t just talk about community, they’re active participants in the community.

VeloMedia covers a wide range of expertise and works with Enterprise-level organizations to deliver robust solutions that solve a variety of problems. They cover anything from web development, unit testing, production management, project planning and a heck of a lot more. They’re like that over achieving kid that good grades in school with the parent that has the “my kid made the honor roll” bumper sticker on their car. Yeah. They’re kinda like that. =)

We’re so stoked to have VeloMedia on board as a sponsor for this year’s WordCamp in Los Angeles.

A big thanks to the team at VeloMedia for all you do in the WordPress community.

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Volunteer Submissions are Now Closed

Thank you for all of your volunteer applications! We’ve been overwhelmed by the response. We’ll be contacting the volunteers this week to confirm everything. If you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, we encourage you to do so! If you are chosen as a volunteer, you will be refunded. Buy your ticket here.

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