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With over 280 FREE applications available in just one click – we make it easier than ever to get your business live on the web.

imh_vector_logo Okay. Look. Maybe, the jam for you is managed WordPress hosting. But, you know what, it’s not right for everyone. Maybe you don’t need all that management. But if you did, InMotion Hosting can help. InMotion hosting is among the web’s premier hosting providers.

Their servers are made from Unicorn Meat and Rainbows (that’s not actually true, but their server’s are known to have the following: XEON PROCESSORS. 8MB CPU CACHE. 1333MHZ FRONT SIDE BUS. CPANEL. ALL DELL SERVERS. 99.9% UPTIME. SSH ACCESS. ROOT ACCESS. BGP4 SMART ROUTING. DIRECT DATA-PEERING CONNECTIONS… I mean, that’s pretty good, right?).

What I like about InMotion hosting is that they have a complete service portfolio. That is, they have managed hosting solutions for sites of all sizes if you just want to throw a site up and go. Conversely, they also have plans that are not managed and provide full control to the experienced power uses, which is great for large sites, or sites with strict SLAs and requirements. InMotion Hosting really is a one stop shop that provides a quality service to their clients.

We are so honored to have InMotion Hosting as a sponsor this year. You guys are phenomenal and you are pillars within the WordPress community. Thank you so much! Be sure to check out InMotion hosting today!

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