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Sponsor Spotlight: Steve Shorr

We are monitoring Health Care Reform where there won’t be anymore questions about Pre Existing Conditions and no one can be denied.  – Steve Shorr Don’t lie, you don’t know jack about Medical Insurance other than the fact you need … Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: Steve Shorr

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Sponsor Spotlight: FooPlugins

Our entire team are 100% committed to high quality, standards compliant code and above average user support. FooPlugins. They kinda stormed into the WordPress Community the same way the a majestic Liger comes into the world: With a mighty roar. … Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: FooPlugins

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InMotion Hosting

With over 280 FREE applications available in just one click – we make it easier than ever to get your business live on the web. Okay. Look. Maybe, the jam for you is managed WordPress hosting. But, you know what, … Continue reading InMotion Hosting

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Sponsor Spotlight: CodyL

Non Robotic. Human driven. We are your partner to build a compelling first impression and a sustaining experience that helps to create a legacy. WordPress and UX development specific to you and your goals. Find out how we can help! Is … Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: CodyL

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Sticker Sheets have arrived!

W00t! Check out these amazing sticker sheets printed up for us by our sponsor, Sticker Giant! These are going to make my Mac Book look extra classy! Thanks to Greg Douglas for these gorgeous designs. One of these stickers features … Continue reading Sticker Sheets have arrived!

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Sponsor Spotlight: Zeek Interactive

“We function as change agents; strategists, advisors; analysts; sounding boards for CEOs and other senior executives in mid-size organizations.” We’re proud to announce Zeek Interactive as a sponsor for this year’s WordCamp LA. Zeek is a shop that specializes in … Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: Zeek Interactive

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Sponsor Spotlight: Chris Lema

My passion is the development of products that delight people. It’s really that simple. And since I’ve been doing product development for over 18 years, I’ve made most of the mistakes I now try to help others avoid. So. This … Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: Chris Lema

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Sponsor Spotlight: LearnDash

“With a click of a button you can create and sell courses, set-up quizzes, automatically award certificates, and download user reports.” Those of you who know me know that the past year has seen me work with schools so much … Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: LearnDash

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Sponsor Spotlight: VeloMedia

“You come up with the blueprint, we build your digital story.” A community is only as good as what its members put back into it. I say this a lot because I mean it. VeloMedia is a company with a … Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: VeloMedia

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Sponsor Spotlight: WP All Import

Import Your XML or CSV File to WordPress WP All Import is simply a magical piece of WordPress-ery. Yeah, MAGICAL!! Don’t believe me? Are you made of magic? Last time I checked, the answer is NO!! However, WP All Import … Continue reading Sponsor Spotlight: WP All Import

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