We Done Sold the Place Out!

Well, gee whiz… We sold through our tickets for the event! Apparently WordPress is popular. Who knew?

That said, we know that happens and sometimes people just can’t make the event, which is unfortunate. If that sounds like you then take a moment and see how you can help out your fellow WordPressers in the community. There’s still folks that want to attend, but didn’t get around to getting their tickets.

So if you are not able to attend, consider helping out your fellow would-be-Campers by letting someone go in your place. Let folks know on Facebook or Twitter and use the #wclax hashtag. You’ll be helping someone out big time! =)

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4 Responses to We Done Sold the Place Out!

  1. Sara says:

    Will there be a live stream like SF? I live in a very remote area and as a freelancer can’t always afford to travel to attend but found the SF WordCamp stream enlightening!

    • Hi Sara – we didn’t have much time to pull this camp together, so we’ve had to stick with the basics and didn’t have the time or budget to pull together anything like a live stream. We’ve had lots of requests, and it’s something we’ll definitely consider for next year, but for this year, we’ll stick with posting up our talks on WordPress.tv after the event is over.