Sponsor Spotlight: Steve Shorr

We are monitoring Health Care Reform where there won’t be anymore questions about Pre Existing Conditions and no one can be denied.  – Steve Shorr

headsh1Don’t lie, you don’t know jack about Medical Insurance other than the fact you need it to fix a booboo! Small Business. It’s cliche, but Small Business is big business. Whether you’re a one person show or if you run a small team there’s a ton of stuff to manage. Health coverage is one of those very things that is often overlooked and misunderstood…

Enter Steve Shorr. He’s kind of a wizard with Medical Insurance and getting people accurate quotes but also making sure that they get the right coverage for their business. He’s been in the business since 1981 (and you thought 1981 was a throw-away year… pfft! Rookie!) and people love working with him!

This is Steve’s first WordCamp that he’s sponsored and we’re absolutely thrilled to have him on board as a sponsor this year. It’s the generous donations from people like Steve Shorr that help make WordCamps possible! Steve, you and I are shot-gunning some beers on Saturday! Whoop whoop!

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