Sponsor Spotlight: ServerPress

Use DesktopServer to safely explore, test, and manage multiple projects.

serverpress-logo (Custom) There are few products I love more than ServerPress’s DesktopServer product. No lie. If you do WordPress development on a daily basis and you’re NOT using DesktopServer you’re simply losing time! Yep. I just said that. Desktop Server blows other local web server programs out of the water on features alone. I use this program every single day ending in ‘y’ and on some days ending in ‘x’ and I’m not even sure that last bit makes any sense! The short of it is, you need this if you develop a lot in WordPress.

The guys over at ServerPress are heavily active in the community and are great people that I am fortunate to know on a personal level. So please join me in welcoming and thanking the ServerPress team as a WordCamp LA 2013 sponsor! We can’t do this without the support of our community and awesome sponsors.

Thank YOU!

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One Response to Sponsor Spotlight: ServerPress

  1. Thanks for having us! We’re super excited to be there! Love WordPress. LOVE the Community!