Sponsor Spotlight: LearnDash

“With a click of a button you can create and sell courses, set-up quizzes, automatically award certificates, and download user reports.”

LearnDash-Official-Logo1 Those of you who know me know that the past year has seen me work with schools so much that I’ve bled from my face. Crazy. But you know what stopped the bleeding? LearnDash. Not even kidding. Yes, I actually use LearnDash with a number of sites already. We’ve deployed a site using their LMS system to create internal learning courses for University employees (HIPAA, Sexual Harassment Training and other courses). Just using LearnDash has already saved many tens of thousands of dollars for the school. How, you ask? Have you ever heard of BlackBoard? It’s an evil, evil draconian platform used to administer courses and could be considered a vampire considering how much money it sucks out of a school’s budget. Ain’t no school got time for that!

LearnDash is a great tool and is, what I feel, one of the hidden gems of WordPress. Definitely check it out. The guy behind the platform, Justin Ferriman is also a top guy, too.

We are proud and so very fortunate to have LearnDash as a sponsor this year, for WordCamp Los Angeles. Please join us in welcoming LearnDash to the party!

Thank you!

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