Sponsor Spotlight: FooPlugins

Our entire team are 100% committed to high quality, standards compliant code and above average user support.

FooBot-YouTube-800-624x714 FooPlugins. They kinda stormed into the WordPress Community the same way the a majestic Liger comes into the world: With a mighty roar. In the case of FooPlugins, they launched back in April, at WordCamp Miami.

It was a perfect storm of goodness, you see. The community embraced Foo right away. And why not? The folks behind the company are stand up people and one of them is even speaking at our event! This is no surprise though. They understand the importance of community and also how demanding such a community can be. They provide top notch support, give back to the community (I mean, they are sponsor WCLAX after all) and are awesome to deal with.

Please join me in welcoming FooPlugins as a sponsor for this year’s WordCamp Los Angeles! We appreciate all the support you provide the community and love the heck out of your guys’ products. Heck yes!!

Without generous community-minded companies like FooPlugins, events like these wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks so much! You guys rock the casbah!

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One Response to Sponsor Spotlight: FooPlugins

  1. Thanks so much for the welcome Alex. We have some special goodies we can’t wait for attendees to snatch up:)