Sponsor Spotlight: CodyL

Non Robotic. Human driven. We are your partner to build a compelling first impression and a sustaining experience that helps to create a legacy. WordPress and UX development specific to you and your goals. Find out how we can help!

codyl-logo Is CodyL run by elves who are magical, or is it run by a fella named Cody who, himself, is magical? If you guessed the latter give yourself a pat on the tush! If you guessed the former, well, you can leave now. Go on, I’ll wait!

We are excited and honored to have the folks from CodyL onboard as sponsors for WordCamp Los Angeles, this year. The people behind CodyL are Cody and Raquel Landefeld. They run a shop that does quality work. Don’t believe me, yet? Check out their work. They don’t just build sites; they build experiences that work the way a customer would expect them to. It seems simple, but a lot of developers (including this one) get it wrong so often. CodyL does it right.

Not only do they produce beautiful work, but they’re stalwart contributors to the WordPress community. They attend and speak at a number of events throughout the year and are always giving back in some way or other. It’s the kind of awesome that you wish you could put in a bottle and take with you.

Please join us in welcoming and thanking the good folks at CodyL for sponsoring this year’s LA WordCamp! You all are cool as all heck!

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