Sponsor Spotlight: AdSanity Plugin

Banner Management for WordPress. Simplified.

adsanity Alright kids, gather ’round the campfire and listen to a tale by Grand-Pappy McVasquez. Long, long ago there was this fella, possessed of awesome locks of Ruby Red Ringlets that were the envy of all who looked upon it. He ran a number of websites and on a few he looked to monetize the traffic. This was no small feat, you see. He fuddled around with HTML, CSS and hilarity ensued inspite of his amazing hair; he was the laughing stock of the community for his inability to wrangle CSS effectively.

Positioning Ad banners is a pain. It really is. Why writes lines of CSS to properly position these banner ads when you don’t have to? Don’t you have better things to do with your time!? Floating banner ads and getting it right will seriously harsh your vibe as your dreams of a 4 hour work week go down the drain…

I have a solution for you, though. The AdSanity Plugin. Yep. Not only are the developers of this plugin sponsoring our event, but they’ve actually made a plugin that just works. I use it on a few different sites and it works likes a charm. Positions groups of ads, or single ads and allows you to do it over a period of time. There’s hooks, there’s filters, the ads are custom post types, so you could even sell banner ad space using 3rd party plugins that create custom post types! You can use them in widgets, within your theme’s template files, or as a shortcode. ADS EVERYWHERE!!! When you start using this plugin, you’ll hear a magical voice shout out “ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!!!” (not really). It’s downright silly, folks! If you’re not using this plugin you’re just not as cool as the kid sitting next to you who is. AdSanity makes life easier because it does one thing 100% better than anything else on the market.

We’re simply elated to be sponsored by such a fine product as AdSanity and give the developers our thanks for helping make WordCamp LA happen!

Thanks so much!

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